About Me


My vocal training includes many styles and techniques. Growing up in Brooklyn, I took lessons with a rock singer when I was very young and studied musical theatre in my teens. During my college years at Brown University, I underwent jazz vocal training and also spent a semester at Oberlin College studying South Indian singing. I graduated with a degree in Ethnomusicology: the anthropological study of music. Ethnomusicology attempts to understand the relationship between culture and music among the world’s people. I am currently studying Alexander Technique to deepen my understanding of anatomy and vocal resonance.

As a performer, I am known for my voice as well as my songwriting. I have released five records and toured for many years in both the US and Europe playing at clubs, concert halls, and festivals. My music has been featured on NPR, BBC Radio, and reviewed worldwide. My website rebeccapronsky.com has lots more info and songs to listen to.

I am currently the Creative Director of Acme Hall Studios, a music space I started in 2015 with my husband and guitarist/recording engineer Rich Bennett. I have also taught through the Willie May Rock Camp for Girls, Day Jams Music Program, National Guitar Workshop and the Berkeley Carroll School.

My personal philosophy about music is that it should be more broadly accessible. Connecting with and developing one’s own voice can have lasting effects on body, mind, and spirit. A meaningful relationship with music should not be reserved for a few so-called experts. I hope that through my teaching more people feel comfortable using their voices and that they take that confidence and enjoyment out into the world with them.